UK Bingo Sites

Welcome to Best Gambling Sites portal in the UK! I receive visitors from both sides of the Atlantic, so I want to make sure that both sides are accommodated with this post. There is a big difference between the American version of bingo and the version played over in England. Therefore, I will be providing a couple of sites to check out whether you are from the UK or USA.

Online bingo sites in UK

You will see both prominent versions of the game of bingo played at most online bingo websites. There will be separate rooms where you can play either game, along with other specialty bingo rooms.

American Bingo

The American version of bingo consists of 75 balls and a 5×5 bingo card. This means you will often hear this referred to as 75 Ball Bingo on online bingo sites. Each vertical row will be filled with 5 of the 15 available numbers. The B row is 1 – 15, I is 16 – 30, N is 31 – 45, G is 46 – 60 and O is 61 – 75.

The object of the game is listen for the caller to retrieve a ball with a letter/number combination like N/32 and you will cover that number on your card if it is there. The way you win is by having any row, column or diagonal of 5 numbers covered.

English Bingo (UK)

The English version of Bingo is a little bit different. It consists of 90 balls and a 3×9 bingo ticket. On each ticket, 5 of the 9 spaces in the row will receive a number. 4 of the spaces will remain blank.

The 9 vertical columns is what determines the range of numbers available. The first column can have numbers 1 – 10, the second column is 2 – 20 and so on up to the final column which is 81 – 90.

The object of 90 ball bingo is to cover the 5 numbers in one row in order to win a Line. You can also be the first to cover 2 Lines completely and the Full House is when all of your numbers are covered.

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American Bingo Sites

This is going to be in the order in which I like playing at them. The one thing that makes these American Bingo Sites is that you won’t find 90 ball bingo rooms here.

  • Big Time Bingo offers over 100 different patterns which have to be covered in order to win. These patterns will be in rotation and you will know what needs to be covered before you start. There are 4 different rooms which offer different stakes for buying bingo cards. The $1 per card room is considered the High Roller Room. There is also a 25¢ Quarter Room, the 10¢ Dime Room and the Free Bingo Room. Big Time Bingo will give you a $5 bonus for free in order to try playing their bingo games. You will instantly receive the $5 free when you create a login. If you decide to make a deposit, Big Time Bingo will match you with a 200% first deposit bonus!
  • Cyber Bingo not only offers bingo games, but also other side games, arcade games and casino games as well. This is in addition to offering at least one bingo game every hour! While you are participating in a bingo game, you can also play chat games at the same time. These games range from Keno and Lotto to Yahtzee and 8 Ball and many more. The Christmas Bingo rooms are currently the most popular. You will find that most of the Bingo Freerolls take place after 6pm ET and up until 1am. Cyber Bingo is currently offering a limited time only 500% bonus which will give you between $125 and $500 free when you make your first deposit between $25 and $100. The bonus is only valid for purchasing bingo cards and cannot be used on the side games. The bonus money will be put in a separate account from your real money; if you make a request for a withdrawal, the remaining bonus money will be reset to $0.

UK Bingo Sites

Since I live in the States, I don’t have any personal experience playing at a UK Bingo Hall. Therefore I am only go to make one suggestion and recommend that you visit my friends at to check out the best UK Bingo rooms.

  • William Hill has many different bingo rooms to try, including several different 90 ball and 75 ball variations, 80 ball bingo and Deal or No Deal Bingo. The top bingo jackpot is at the Money Mountain room and currently top £40,000. On top of that, there are a couple of jackpot slots that are approaching £1,000,000! There are also monthly specials that come around as the month changes from November to December. All of the Christmas themed games and promotions are coming around. There is also special events involving free and bogof bingo tickets.

For those of you in the UK who would like to try William Hill bingo, you can receive a £25 bonus if you deposit and spend at least £10 on bingo tickets. You can also receive a 250% bonus up to £150.

Playing Bingo Online or at a Bingo Hall

What are the Pros and Cons of Playing Bingo Online and at a bingo hall? If you have decided to try out bingo, you have to decide whether you want to play online or at a traditional bingo hall.

Below is a breakdown of the two different opportunities.

Bingo Online

Bingo online is exploding in popularity. Here are some of the points as to why bingo online is so good. If you want to give online bingo a shot, head over to 888 bingo and sign up for an account. You will get a huge bingo bonus when you sign up and will enjoy the great game play!

Faster Play

Bingo online produces a lot faster play. More rounds per hour means that you have more opportunities to win the jackpot. Add in multiple cards, and you can be quite profitable!

More Choice

There is a lot more game selection at bingo rooms online than at traditional bingo halls. You can play 75 and 90 ball bingo, but you can also play progressive jackpots and other casino games as well.


It is a lot more comfortable to sit at home and play online bingo in an environment that you control. You can control the heat, the noise, and almost anything you wish when you play bingo at home. Try that at a bingo hall.

No Direct Socializing

When playing bingo online, there is no face to face socialization. You don’t get to talk to another player directly. But, most online bingo rooms not have chat features, so you can chat with other players while you are playing the game. You get the social aspect of the game, but you don’t get to actually see the other players.

Bingo Hall

Bingo halls are not as popular as they used to be. Below are some of the possible reasons for this…


When you are at a bingo hall, you get to socialize with others if you wish. You can talk about anything, and if you are the kind of person that really enjoys other people company, than playing in a bingo hall is for you.

Slower Game play

Because of the way bingo is played in bingo halls, the game play is a lot slower than if you were playing online. There is someone who physically has to select the bingo ball, then slowly call out the number at least twice and wait for everyone to daub their cards. This contributes to slow, boring play.

Uncomfortable Environment

Sometimes, people do not enjoy the environment that a bingo hall produces. They don’t like being around a lot of people they don’t know, they don’t like the smell of smoke and greasy food, and they overall just don’t like the experience. If this sounds like you, then you should play bingo online.

Generally speaking, playing bingo online is better. It is faster, more comfortable, and you can win more money!

Electronic Bingo Cards Available In New York

Joanna Richardson proof an ordinary person can fight against a problem that they face. She showed how to make the moves that can actually help the sufferer. She wanted to get right to play bingo like other people without the possibility of being cheated. She was actually born blind. That’s why; she took the issue to the New York state Racing and Wagering Board (RWB). Richardson’s goal was to get some audible electronic bingo gambling Cards’ on hand; so that as soon as she won the game – the card can alert her of the win.

The issue was begun with a lot of e-mails and letters. However, her battle ended with the historical-winning for the rights of every blind bingo player. Commentating on the new audible cards Richardson said “You have the control over the majority of what’s going on now.” She added “You don’t feel like you’re throwing your money away. You know when you’re waiting and you know when you won. You can’t be cheated.”

After getting all of the letters and e-mails, last week the RWB decided Richardson had some legal point. So, the authority changed the rules. Now these bingo halls could have electronic bingo cards that would beep when any player wins. On the other hand, the fear for the RWB was that the sounds could generate some casino-like atmosphere. The Board did not feel like that the bingo halls turn into casinos. However, after hearing to J. Richardson’s gripes, the Board changed their minds.

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Electronic Bingo Machines Banned

U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling a new law that went into effect 1, January 2009 in San Francisco bans electronic bingo machines from being used by charitable organizations. Though, some organization does not follow the recent rule. The state’s attorney General’s Office has now warned the charitable bingo halls that they had better adhere to the law. Basically, the charity organizations were asked they had better not get caught using the now-illegal machines.

The charity bingo halls were a source of debate during 2008. The United Auburn Tribe (UAT) threatened last year to withhold millions of dollars of returns sharing money if those charity bingo halls did not stop operations with the electronic machines.

The tribe operates at the Thunder Valley Casino in Placier County were not moved with the idea of competition from the charity bingo halls. The fight has been going through the court system for quite a while. On the other hand, the United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) was using electronic machines to increase money for various programs. They got clearance to keep on operating the machines under a court injunction. Later, the order was overturned by the Court of Appeals back in March. In this circumstances, how the California’s authority exercise the rule only time can say.

Bingo Jackpots so Good, It’s Shocking

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints of some online bingo sites is that the jackpots are really not that impressive. With the thousands of bingo sites available it should be no surprise that most of them haven’t got the community to support really big jackpots. That’s why it’s important to find a site that well respected throughout the community. Bingo Vega is easily one of the top online bingo sites and its community of players can attest to that. Because of the excellence of this site, and the loyalty of the online gamers, Bingo Vega is able to offer some truly shocking jackpots!

At Bingo Vega there are a wide range of progressive jackpots that are more than $1000 at any given time. Plus with the promotions at Bingo Vega there are frequently guaranteed jackpots even as high as $5000. There are very few sites that can compare with Bingo Vega when it comes to jackpots and this is why this site is so popular. Any given day you can sit down to and walk away with a big chunk of change. Imagine what you could do with an unexpected jackpot win of $5000. Take a vacation, renovate your kitchen, let your imagination run wild because 5 grand is a lot of money!

Plus, at Bingo Vega is not just about the jackpots. Impressive as they are, the games at this site can rival the jackpots. There’s such a wide range of online bingo games to play in addition to table games like poker, roulette, and craps as well as lottery games, online keno, slots, pull tabs and more! Visit Bingo Vega and discover the best online jackpots along with the best games!