How to Win at Slots

As I leave Slots LV for another day, I have some reflections on my experiments with the much-ballyhooed Regression Method of slot machine betting which was laid out in the seminal book on slots wagers, John Patrick’s Slots.

The Regression Method in Review – Slot Machine Strategy 101

My loss at Millionaires Club gives me 4 wins and 4 losses in my Regression sessions. Three of my wins were for four dollars or less, while all of my losses were for $25 or more. My one saving grace was the $44 win I had early on.

All in all, I ended up losing $42 on my Regression Sessions. So is the Regression method the best money management technique ever invented for slots? Well, if it’s kept John Patrick from working for lo these many years, then I can see why he’s so happy about it.

In my mind, it’s not much better than any other method. They all seem to depend on winning a big jackpot somewhere along the way. Otherwise, you’ll be nickel and dimed to death by the machine.

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The big problem I see with Regression is that it banks on success. If you start out with a $100 win, then I can see where pocketing $50 and playing with the rest makes sense.

But if you don’t have that luxury, then you have no money to pocket and the Regression strategy ceases to exist. There is no strategy at that point.

Even if you win a small amount, this system doesn’t really hold up well. Imagine you win ten dollars on your first spin. Imagine you pocket $5 and bet the other five. If you lose, then you either have to walk away from the machine or dip into your bankroll to play again.

Since John Patrick hasn’t “kept from working” by winning five dollars at a time, you have to keep playing. So the Regression really doesn’t work except in the rarest of situations, when you win significant amounts.

As always, it comes back to winning big jackpots. No strategy works unless you get lucky. Maybe money management keeps you playing long enough to hit one, but all the rest of this stuff seems like bunk to me.

Advice for Playing Slots

If you don’t play a progressive jackpot at the online casinos, take the following advice.

Play the minimum amount to qualify for the highest percentage jackpot. If the percentages are the same for one coin as three, play one coin. The only strategy in playing slots that makes sense it to see as many spins as you can. The more spins you see, the better your chances of getting really lucky are.

That’s the only chance you have of making real money at slots. Play a lot, minimize your losses and hope to get lucky. The equation changes a little for the progressives.

Play for a progressive jackpot if possible. If so, play the lowest amount to qualify for the maximum jackpot. Since that’s almost always the maximum bet, then I’m saying you should probably bet the maximum amount.

Figure out your bankroll and play a machine that will allow you to see the maximum number of spins for your bankroll. Then hope for luck on one of those spins. That’s pretty much it.

Practical Advice

Slots are entertainment. You are probably going to have to pay money to be entertained by them. A few of us will get lucky being entertained by slots, which is what makes playing slot machines so entertaining in the first place.

You might say I take slots gurus as entertainers, too. I find fun with their slots advice, because they are selling a magic formula that probably doesn’t exist. Once you figure that out, you can choose to get angry or you can laugh about it.

I choose to do a little of both. Put quotations around the last two paragraphs and you have your Chuck Flick wise quote of the day. Take care, people.