Super Bowl Betting

It’s almost Super Bowl time once again. This Sunday is the big game and millions of people are going to be placing their bets for Super Bowl 50 as the Carolina Panthers take on the Denver Broncos for the right to take home the Lombardi Trophy. Superbowl betting is almost as popular as the TV commercials. You not only have the traditional spread and moneyline bets, but countless people also partake in activities such as Super Bowl squares as well.

Here are some of the most popular ways to bet on the Super Bowl.

Placing Wagers

Most people know what the spread is regardless of whether or not they bet on any game. It is the amount of points that one team is favored over the other. Vegas oddsmakers set this line early in the week and the spread tends to fluctuate slightly before the start of the game. This is called line movement. The line moves because the sportsbooks bookmakers want to get an equal amount of action on each side of the line.

For example, the line for Super Bowl 50 started out at 5.5 points in favor of the Carolina Panthers. The reason for this line is because of the perception that the Panthers are the better team based on the regular season records and both teams performances in the playoffs. Carolina was 15-1 and had two relatively easy games against the best two teams in the NFC. Denver was 12-4 and had two games where they struggled offensively and barely won.

Because more people are betting on the Carolina Panthers to beat the spread, the line moved up from 5.5 to 6 points over the course of Super Bowl week. This line can still move up higher to 6.5 points before the game if more people continue to bet on Carolina.


The moneyline is similar, only it is a wager that one team or the other will win the Super Bowl outright without any handicap. Because this is the case, you will need to place an amount to wager and win a different amount if you win your bet. For example, Carolina has a moneyline of -190. This means that you have to wager $190 on the Panthers in order to win $100 back. Denver has a moneyline of +165, which means you can win $165 if you wager $100 on the Broncos to win the game.

The third bet that is often related to these other two is the Total line. This is an over/under bet on the total amount of points in the game. The total is currently set at 45 points, which is pretty much the average for a game that is not expected to be high scoring or low scoring. A projected high scoring game would be a total around 50 points and a low scoring game would be at or below 40 points.

Super Bowl Wagers

The total number of different types of special wagers for the Super Bowl is in the hundreds. They can be broken up into several basic categories, however.

Super Bowl 50 MVP – bet on the player that will win the Super Bowl MVP

Touchdown and Field Goal Prop Bet – bet on whether an individual will score the first TD or whether they will score one at all during the Super Bowl

Position Player Prop Bet – bet on whether the QB throws for 300 yards, whether a RB will run for 100 yards …

Alternate Line Bets – bet on an alternate spread or total with different odds for winning bets

Half/Quarter Bets – bet on the spread or total of a half/quarter

Special Bets – there are dozens of different special bets that can be placed.